FRP / GRP Moulded Gratings

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We are leading manufacturer of FRP Gratings. FRP / GRP Moulded grating is a new type composite material, which is produced from glass fiber as framework and reinforced resins, including unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin.

Strong, lightweight, extremely excellent corrosion and rust resistance are best representative of FRP/GRP grating.

Nowadays, the FRP/GRP grating gradually replace the steel gratings in commercial and industrial plants as its outstanding chemical and mechanical advantages.

FRP / GRP Moulded grating is ideal for highly corrosive applications where larger open area gratings are required. Molded Grating is ideal for applications requiring extensive cut outs for pipe, duct and electrical penetrations.

Technical Specifications for FRP Moulded Grating and Accessories :
  • Raw material of the FRP Grating -
    i) Glass Fibre (Content 25% - 30%) of approved quality and
    ii) Unsaturated Polyester Resin.
  • Thickness of Grating shall be minimum 25 mm.
  • Mesh Size (outside to outside) of Grating shall be maximum 40 mm X 40 mm.
  • Rib Thickness shall be 5mm - 7mm.
  • Maximum deflection shall be 6 mm for minimum Support span of 1 Mtr. with minimum load carrying capacity 300 kg/sqm.
  • Standard Surface Finish shall be 'Meniscus' top type.
  • Standard panel shall have minimum width of 400 mm. Curtailment is allowed for wider panel sizes however, ribs shall be present on both sides after curtailment to make the panel width 400 mm.
  • Flame Spread shall be within 25 mm in case of material gets fire.
  • Material shall have good chemical resistance.
  • Safe working temperature for the FRP material shall be 120° C
  • All fixing accessories (clamps & clips) are of SS304 (minimum).

FRP Gratings Usage Areas :
  • Chemical Plants
  • Factory and industrial facilities
  • Food industries
  • Power Plants
  • Refineries